Quality Analyser

Quality Analyser consists of two key components:

  • A graphical comparison tool; and
  • Detailed underlying data tables to assist you in refining, marketing and selling market leading propositions.

It is designed to support multiple needs within your business, delivering a unique combination of analysis enabling you to:

  • Create detailed insight comparisons
  • Based on independent third-party research,
  • That are easy to understand

The analysis can be used to:

  • Demonstrate the strength of a proposition
  • Highlight any areas that require tactical focus
  • Understand the quality/functionality of products within a specific area
  • Assist in winning new business
  • Help retain clients

Comparison reports generated via Quality Analyser will help you:

  • Drill down into the detail of individual features within a product
  • Provide detailed benchmarking
  • Validate product recommendations through impartial, objective third-party research

This feature is particularly powerful for building and validating business cases for development roadmaps.

Helps sales staff understand where your propositions are significantly ahead of the competition.

Impartial evidence of differentiation for advisers and ‘Beauty Parade’ responses.

    Benefits of the Quality Analyser:

    • Independent third-party market insight​
    • Access to a wealth of detailed analysis on your own, and your competitors’, proposition which will allow you to:​
    • Fully understand your own offering​
    • Gain detailed insight on your peers​
    • Assist in work/ resource planning for RFI and other information requests​
    • Support your internal development plans and future road map​
    • Independent assessment of your proposition​
    • Ability to produce the same reports as the advisers who use the system​
    • Support your existing sales process and assist in client retention​
    • Identifies how your propositions compare with those of your peers

    Market insight tables are used to explore specific product and operational features in detail from all participating providers. ​

    This provides a means to interrogate all the underlying data which powers the comparison service. It offers an unparalleled depth of analysis providing easy access to surveys of 3,000+ questions for each product.

    These will allow users to create comparative tables of the product features and other parts of a proposition based on responses to individual questions or a range of issues from different product providers.

    Users can generate either full reports (typically 30+ pages) or a simple two-page (A4 duplex) qualitative comparison which are ideally suited for use with clients to complement the quotation/recommendation process.

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