Quality Analyser

Quality Analyser consists of two key components:

  • A graphical comparison tool; and
  • Detailed underlying data tables to assist you in refining, marketing and selling market leading propositions.

It is designed to support multiple needs within your business, delivering a unique combination of analysis enabling you to:

  • Create detailed insight comparisons
  • Based on independent third-party research,
  • That are easy to understand

The analysis can be used to:

  • Demonstrate the strength of a proposition
  • Highlight any areas that require tactical focus
  • Understand the quality/functionality of products within a specific area
  • Assist in winning new business
  • Help retain clients



Comparison reports generated via Quality Analyser will help you:

    • Drill down into the detail of individual features within a product

    • Provide detailed benchmarking

  • Validate product recommendations through impartial, objective third-party research

Users can generate either full reports (typically 30+ pages) or a simple two-page (A4 duplex) qualitative comparison which are ideally suited for use with clients to complement the quotation/recommendation process.