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About FinancIAL Technology Research Centre

Established in 1995 FTRC is a boutique fintech consultancy with regtech, wealthtech and insuretech bolt-ons. We focus on technology in the financial advice market and especially how advice is evolving both in the UK and internationally, with a particular focus on the role technology will play in this process.

Our mission is to help the industry deliver better services to consumers which help them take more control of their finances and in so doing improve the quality of their lives.

Through various propositions we help financial advisers, insurance companies, investment platforms, asset managers and technology companies produce better outcomes for consumers while reducing their own costs and increasing profitability.

Our clients range from global financial institutions to small FinTech start-ups.

Join us for a day-long workshop designed to assist advisers’ implement technology in their businesses 

The day will consist of seven plenary sessions exploring different areas that are essential for advisers to consider when deploying technology in their firms, combined with eight “disturbance demos” showcasing leading edge technology which can help transform their companies.

This is a practical day for those who want to drive real change in their firms and take action.

Visit the event website for more information and to register.

Our websites:

our main activities Include:

Research & Benchmarking (system)

A range of systems designed to help financial advisers better compare the products they recommend clients. Developed to enable advisers to carry out detailed comparisons of financial products and generate easy to understand analysis for the clients in just a few minutes.

The systems can also be a powerful tool for product/proposition managers enabling them to create detailed comparisons of products with peers and identify areas for improvement.

The data from the systems provides us with valuable insight into the practical ways advisers work to select products and features they consider most important when making client recommendations.

The latest enhancements to these tools enable protection advisers to easily compare Critical Illness policy wordings and Workplace pension advisers to generate detailed governance reports for clients whose schemes are being reviewed.



Collaboration & Industry Dialogue

Bringing together many of the UK’s major advisers, providers, platforms and software suppliers to discuss key issues and identify how to address them co-operatively.

This activity is supported online as well as face-to-face, allowing a wider range of adviser firms to be involved in discussions.

Market Insight Reports

A series of detailed reports providing extensive analysis of key industry issues updated monthly to reflect the latest changes in the marketplace.

Current studies include:

Adviser Software Insights – A summary of technology used by adviser firms and how it impacts the selection and recommendation of financial products, platforms and asset managers

Digital Wealth Insights – an overview of the leading players in the emerging Digital Wealth and automated advice markets

Making Savings Affordable – a report which addresses the impact of AE contribution increases (April 2018 & April 2019) will have on a consumer’s disposable income and the knock-on effects this will have to the UK savings market

How Technology Becomes Core to Advice – a detailed look at the core role technology plays in ensuring that your organisation will survive the automated advice revolution

Bespoke Consultancy

Specialist consultancy that focuses on the operational issues within adviser businesses, including technology, services & compliance.


Services include:

  • External Validation of New Service Development
  • Assistance with RFI processes
  • Proposition Assessment Service
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Vendor Selection (including Client Management Systems, B2C Services, Platforms and Provider partners)

Digital Wealth Insights was launched in February 2017 and produces extensive analysis of emerging FinTech, WealthTech, InsureTech and other emerging technologies.

This community aims to build an unparalleled level of information and insights about Digital Wealth Management solutions and related services, where the focus is on solutions to deliver better wealth management and financial advice.

Through this service users will be able to research who is doing what, learn about services and discuss and debate them.

Visit to register.