Adviser Software

 Technology which is available to adviser firms has evolved at a rapid rate over the last few years. It is still not perfect but it does offer more value than it used to.

Adoption of technology by adviser firms is now far greater than it has ever been. Possibly the greatest challenge is keeping track of what is available and the differences between the various offerings.

Our UK Adviser Software Market Assessment report has been developed over the past 18 months and provides analysis on:


·         All the different types of software used by adviser firms

·         The role of each in the advice process, particularly in the context of product selection

·         An overview of the market share and key customers for the leading players in each sector

·         Which technology solutions integrate with each other

·         Which technology solutions integrate with different life offices & platforms

·         Analysis of key functionality from each of the software products included in the study

The document provides over 220 pages of insight and analysis which is updated on a monthly basis.