Training videos and Webinars

YouTube Training Videos:

To help advisers navigate Quality Analyser, F&TRC have built a number of training videos which can be accessed from our Quality Analyser YouTube channel.

We realise that advisers are busy people and therefore we have deliberately broken down the training videos into specific areas as well as providing an overall end to end training video.


Below is a list of the training videos we have provided. Please note that the videos specifically relate to the Auto Enrolment comparison service, however other products will follow a very similar process.


End-to-End Training Tutorials (running time approximately 12 minutes per video):

End-to-end Protection Tutorial End-to-end Auto Enrolment Tutorial




Training Tutorials (running time approximately 2 minutes per video):


Introduction to Quality Analyser


Tutorial 1 – Selecting initial high level priorities


Tutorial 2 – Applying Weightings to High Level priorities


Tutorial 3 – Selecting Providers to compare


Tutorial 4 – Playing back initial selections


Tutorial 5 – Recording Notes


Tutorial 6 – Understanding your Initial Report


Tutorial 7 – Choosing Client Organisation


Tutorial 8 – Selecting detailed Priorities & Weightings


Tutorial 9 – Playback of Detailed Priorities & Weightings


Tutorial 10 – Naming your Report & Creating a Template


Tutorial 11 – Printing your Final Comparison Report


Tutorial 12 – Downloading Templates


Tutorial 13 – Uploading Templates


Tutorial 14 – Training Modules


These initial videos are built around our auto enrolment comparison service however the process is essentially the same for Group Pension, Protection and Adviser Software products.


You can either watch the whole training video end to end (approximately 12 minutes) or select the subject you wish to review. These videos are designed so if you are using the service and just need to check on how to use one aspect of the system you can quickly access the relevant video via your smartphone or tablet device in moments