Deploying Technology for Scalable Growth

FTRC can assist adviser clients with identifying a strategic roadmap which by delivering against they can grow their business most effectively – making full use of technology to enhance their customer proposition, improve business efficiency and optimise profit/value.

We can also help with the tactical selection of technology suppliers who are best able to meet the needs of the business as would be identified in the above process.

By employing a “light touch” approach, providing our services through a small number of concentrated workshops, we will then work with you remotely to provide an external perspective to help steer you through the system selection and implementation process.

How we would work with you:

Develop 5-year technology proposition & roadmap

FTRC hold half-day workshop with adviser firm to identify the customer proposition and internal operating structure they wish to achieve over the next five years, including identifying key components of their future advice proposition, how it would be delivered and the internal systems needed to support this.

Post-workshop, FTRC produce a summary report of the agreed roadmap, priorities and contingencies to be reviewed with the client via a conference call or further on-site meeting.

Tactical system selection


FTRC would identify the various technology solutions that would deliver the most value to the adviser firm as a phased implementation over a 18/24 month period.

Ongoing services


FTRC work with adviser firm to review the progress of their technology implementations and resulting benefits, to provide an external perspective on the firm’s success relative to FTRC’s wider experience of adviser firms deploying technology.

FTRC can intervene/assist/support as necessary during such activities at agreed intervals (typically 3, 4 or 6 months).

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