Protection & Workplace Ratings

Our ratings provide an overall rating plus measurement on a number of key areas which make up the proposition. For each participating provider we produce either an overall award plus a similar award in each underlying area. These are categorised as Gold, Silver, Bronze or Not Awarded.

Adviser users of our Quality Analyser service are able to access the overall medal table and download a one page analysis (fact sheet) on each company. The fact sheets summarise your proposition and include our view of how you performed in each areas. They are designed to assist advisers using this as part of their recommendation process when selecting appropriate providers for their clients.

The ratings are communicated to trade and national media as well as the 2,500+ advisers registered to use Quality Analyser and

Results are based on factual data with a typical survey consisting of more than 4,000 questions which are then weighted, based on their importance in accordance with views of leading adviser firms and market experts.

Where a provider licences the rights to reproduce our factsheets they are ideally suited as impartial analysis that can be distributed with other marketing material, both a physical documents and digitally.

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