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Technology is increasingly the key conduit for business and obtaining customer buy-in is important from the outset.  As a result, external evaluation of new and updated technology systems and propositions is is in growing demand from providers, platforms and client management systems (CMS) ahead of any formal launch and subsequent updates.

F&TRC is now offering a consultancy service to provide a structured assessment plus feedback on these systems and propositions.

About the service:


The purpose of an evaluation session is reviewing, evaluating and advising on the company proposition and strategies for adviser-facing software as well as other technologies.


The session will be a structured face-to-face meeting (normally at our offices in Oxford Street, London) or a web conference meeting, both involving selected members of F&TRC.


A standard session will consist of:


  • Basic information being provided by the client ahead of the session (see pre-requirements opposite)
  • Presentation of the proposition and system by the client to F&TRC consultants
  • Verbal feedback on both the system and proposition by F&TRC consultants

(Documented feedback by F&TRC is also available at an additional cost)

Pre-briefing Requirements


A completed F&TRC Form* which highlights:


  • Primary objectives of the service
  • Who you believe your main competitors are for your system
  • What differentiates your service over any others (USPs)
  • The target audience that will use this service
  • Proposed launch date (if applicable)


*To be completed and returned one weekbefore the Assessment session


All sessions will be treated as confidential unless otherwise agreed prior to the meeting*

Press Articles:

There may be occasions when Ian McKenna is involved in the Proposition Assessment session and may consider the content suitable for a media article (*subject to client agreement).  Please note that the following conditions will apply in these cases:

1.The Proposition Assessment session will not guarantee inclusion in press articles
2.Subject selection from any such sessions is at Ian McKenna’s sole discretion
3.The client agrees that the service is developed to a stage where they are happy for media comment to take place
4.The content of any resulting column is solely between Ian McKenna and the relevant editor and as such, we will not be able to give any advance indication of what will be written, nor provide advance copy of the column ahead of publication


  • Meeting held face to face at F&TRC offices in London
  • Three hour consultancy session involving up to three selected F&TRC consultants covering a standard agenda:
• Basic pre-information from the client ahead of the session
• Presentation by the client of the proposition & system
• Verbal assessment and feedback within the session from F&TRC consultants
Session Pricing
Face to Face Internal Assessment 3 hours x 3 F&TRC selected consultants £1,125 + VAT*
Face to Face External Assessment

3 hours x 3 F&TRC selected consultants £1,125 + VAT*

(plus F&TRC travel costs)**

Web Conference Assessment 3 hours x 3 F&TRC selected consultants £1,125 + VAT*
Detailed System Evaluation
  • This is an additional tailored service which  provides a detailed evaluation of your system by F&TRC consultants.
  • This service is priced according to your requirements and includes:
• Detailed system assessment
• Fully documented report containing individual screen feedback
• Optional competitor analysis
Session Pricing
Estimate based on client requirements. Quote on request.


*This illustrated cost assumes three consultants @ £125 + VAT each per hour.  Please note that Ian McKenna’s hourly charge rate is £500 + VAT per hour if his participation is required.

** Travel time will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate per consultant.  Other travel costs to be agreed prior to the meeting, e.g. hotel accommodation and transport.

Documented assessment is also available on request, prior to the meeting, at an additional cost of £500 + VAT (assumes four hours work post session)


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