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As the level of household savings continues to fall the financial services industry needs to address the question “How do we fix the UK’s broken relationship with saving?”.


For more details, or to order the report, please contact F&TRC on:

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F&TRC have produced a focused report to examine the Personal Financial Management (PFM) market, examining the key data, essential functionality, core components and principles within each PFM propositions to deliver:

•An overview of the PFM market

•An unbiased view of key players in the UK PFM market

•The components (hygiene and leading edge) which should form part of a PFM solution

•A summary of who the UK & International players are in this market

•A high level overview of F&TRC’s ‘best practice’ PFM model

•Analysis of the propositions currently available

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The report also includes our analysis of each proposition, broken down as follows:

• Proposition Overview

High level overview of the service including a short summary of the proposition written by the provider

• Strengths & Areas with Scope for Improvement

Our assessment of the proposition’s strong points and where enhancements might be made

• PFM Heart Ratings

Our subjective assessment about the proposition based on our experience in speaking to the organisation, our perspective on their proposition and how we feel about their potential to transform the way consumers’ manage their money

• Detailed Functionality

A full summary of the proposition across 44 areas of functionality

• F&TRC Detailed Analysis

Our in-depth analysis of the proposition

• Proposition Roadmap & Existing Client List

A summary of the planned enhancements over the coming 12 months plus a list of users’ of the service

• Best of Breed Functionality Map

A graphical analysis of the components and functionality within the service analysis

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Subscriptions costs…

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Digital Wealth Insights report (single deliverable):


Digital Wealth Insights report + monthly updates:

We will typically add/update 2-3 reviews per month

Optional Extra:

Half day workshop to review report and identify priorities for relationships with Digital Advice proposition providers with two F&TRC consultants:

Meeting in London or via video conference – please contact us for onsite pricing

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£5,000 + VAT

£3,000 + VAT plus 11 monthly payments of

£500 + VAT

£2,750 + VAT

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For more details, or to order the report, please contact F&TRC on:

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Telephone: 020 3740 0000

Email: [email protected]

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Click here to download the full outline for this report


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