2018 Columns:


Ian McKenna: Which practice management system is right for your firm? – published 24th April 2018


Ian Mckenna: Protection innovation will be a boon for advisers – published 11th April 2018


Ian McKenna: Tough FCA makes UK Europe’s leader in fintech – published 27th March 2018


Ian McKenna: The four foundations of a solid adviser tech strategy – published 12th March 2018


Ian McKenna: Advisers need cashflow above 100 years – published 28th February 2018


Ian McKenna: SimplyBiz’a investment advice system impresses – published 13th February 2018 


Ian McKenna: Just’s robo advice service hits the right note – published 28th January 2018 


Ian McKenna: Four ways to make pensions dashboards better – published 15th January 2018



2017 Columns:


Ian McKenna: 12 Christmas wishes for better adviser tech – published 21st December 2017 


Ian McKenna: The pension dashboard is heading for disaster – published 6th December 2017


Ian McKenna: 13 fintech projects advisers should watch – published 23rd November 2017


Ian McKenna: ABI must be removed from pension dashboard – published 8th November 2017 


Ian McKenna: A Helping hand for Mifid II cost reporting – published 24th October 2017 


Ian McKenna: The auto-enrolled need pensions dashboard pronto – published 9th October 2017


Ian McKenna: Open banking will open doors for advisers – published 27th September 2017


Ian McKenna at Finovate: Home-grown fintech players making their mark in US – published 25th September 2017


Adviser Gadget of the Week: WiFi Map – published 22nd September 2017


Ian McKenna at Finovate: Lessons from the US personal finance leaders – published 22nd September 2017


Ian McKenna: Platforms are missing a trick on data integration– Published 12th September 2017


Aegon/Cofunds one year on: Chief executive on what to expect next – Published 7th August 2017


Ian McKenna: How to beat the banks as they re-enter advice market – Published 24th July 2017


Adviser gadet of the week: The device that fights cyber attacks – Published 18th July 2017


Ian McKenna: The era of AL in advice is upon us – Published 12th July 2017


Ian McKenna: Royal London’s protection and mortagage advice ‘game changer’ – Published 11th July 2017


Ian McKenna: Go with the Intelliflo – Published 28th June 2017


Ian McKenna: What advisers need to know about open banking – Published 12th June 2017


Ian McKenna: How to get ther most out of adviser software- Published 31st May 2017


Ian McKenna: How will platforms deal with the pension dashboard? – Published 17th May 2017


Ian McKenna: FOS holds UK back from being a world leader in innovation- Published 4th May 2017


Ian McKenna: What next for the pensions dashboard? – published 17th April 2017


Ian McKenna: How to pick an automated advice partner – published 4th April 2017


Ian McKenna: Advisers can cash in on new robo-advice options – published 22nd March 2017


Ian McKenna: Clients prefer “screen” advice to face-to-face – published 6th March 2017


Ian McKenna: Three firms changing the future of advice – published 20th February 2017


Ian McKenna: The robo-adviser that lives up to the hype – published 7th February 2017


Ian McKenna: Advisers need to ramp up their data security – published 26th January 2017


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