Quality Analyser

AdviserSoftware.com is a new industry destination providing advisers with a comprehensive range of information on products, propositions and software designed to help them run their businesses and Quality Analyser, our new research system which provides:


  • Tools to compare products and propositions for life and pension providers, platforms and other organisations supplying personal finance products
  • A similar range of comparison tools to help advisers compare different software services
  • Detailed outputs that can be used to support suitability reports including the graphics and underlying data for each comparison based on the priorities selected by the adviser and their client

The Quality Analyser system is designed to take a fresh approach to product and proposition research enabling an adviser to focus on the factors that they and their client believe are most important in a financial product.  The system has been created to enable advisers to focus on quality and value when selecting financial products, rather than just price.


Quality Analyser is being provided free of charge to advisers and employers via www.AdviserSoftware.com.